Breeding high quality family & show Rough Collies & Borzois

The owner of Si-Si Collies is Poul Freudenthal. I live in Denmark in countryfield surroundings in the northern part of Århus, more precisely named Skødstrup.

Since 1983 Poul have been working with collies. This has resulted in the fact, that the kennel have bred 6 generations of rough collies, and 3 generations of smooth collies, where several have gained their Danish and International Champion titles.

It is of great importance for me, that my collies have a sound anatomy and their mentality and temperament is all right. Therefore I’m very careful when I plan my breeding. And that’s the reason why, I prioritise not only the physical but also the psychical surroundings and conditions for my collies very high.

My breeding is based on the classical collie lines, because in my opinion is it of great importants that the collie keeps its proud expression and sound movement.

The history of Si-Si Collies Si-Si goes back to 1983 where Poul got his first rough collie, a sable/white bitch called Dina and shortly after, a blue merle rough collie bitch, Poulsgaards Si-Si Silver Dream joined the family. She was the real beginning of the breeding. Si-Si got a litter with Bermark’s Jet Black Nevelle in 1990. From this litter the dog Si-Si’s Illuminated Diamond,who gained his Danish Champion title in 1997 was kept. Si-Si’s Illuminated Diamond became father to a litter with Poulsgaards Something Special and from that litter, the bitch Si-Si’s She’s Not For Sale, who became champion in 1998 and at the same time became Best Collie of the year no. 3 and the best Danish bred collie in 1998, was picked out. Si-Si’s She’s Not For Sale was in 1997 mated with Cambiano Blue Di Cambiano and from this litter a blue merle bitch Si-Si’s China Blue came. She won her first certificate in 1998, only 11 month old. Si-Si’s China Blue became champion already in 1999. Si-Si’s China Blue got in 2002 a litter with an, from Sweden, imported dog Steadwyn Sunny Demon. From this litter Si-Si’s Light My Fire in 2005 got a litter with Bermarks Hadrian from where I now are planning a litter on Si-Si’s Only Wear Silk Stockings.

The first imported smooth Faldocollie came from Birgit and Trevor Hayward at the Foxearth kennel in England in 1988. A tricolour dog named Foxearth Faldo. He became Danish, International and Clubchampion and he is father to two litters in Denmark. In 1991 a sable/white dog from Finland, Sunsweet Smooth Operation was imported. He is father to several litters in Denmark, Netherlands and Germany. He is multichampion and he obtained his World Winner title in 1994 in Switzerland. Several of his offspring here and abroad have gained their National and International Champion titles.

I have decided to concentrade in the rough collies and I don’t have any smooth at my place anymore. Of course I still have a great knowledge to the breed and a lot of good contacts around, so please contact me if you want further information of the smooth breed.

Very obvious I’m very interested in showing my collies, both here and abroad. Naturally I like to see my puppies in the showring too, but it is absolutely not a demand to the owners of the puppies to exhibit. The most important is, that the puppies are sent to a good and harmonious homes.

I haven’t mentioned all my collies, but if you take a look at the point Our Collies, you can see the other collies, who are living in my home.

What comes to rought collies, I have decided to concentrate my breeding work more to blue merles and tricolors. But, sometime in the future I’ll have sables to breed for too – I hope 🙂

In Photo abowe: 4 generations of Si-Si blue merles

Visitors are always welcome but be sure make the appointment time at first – thank you.

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